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Most Dot Com companies did not succeed, but the Archive is more than a collection of failed ideas. Many of the companies continue to operate, often at smaller scale than originally envisioned. Still others had good ideas that were successfully commercialized by competing firms.

The primary purpose of the Archive is to support research and study of the dot com era. In this spirit, we encourage you to be a participant and contributor to the Archive. Help us to learn the lessons of the recent past. After you have browsed the Archive, please consider contributing your materials. Help us write your history.

Out of respect for the entrepreneurs and others who donated materials, we do not allow unrestricted access to the Archive for the purpose of writing ones own business plan. If you are actively engaged in starting a venture, we encourage you to seek out other professional resources. For example, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation supports Entreworld, a site dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs start new businesses.

Apply to access the Business Plan Archive. Access to the Business Plan Archive is only available to Approved Researchers. If you are a student or scholar whose coursework or research requires access to the Archive, you may submit a request to become an Approved Researcher. Approved Researchers are allowed access to restricted content, with the exception of certain user data, information about donors, and a small subset of sealed documents.