Questions and Concerns

First and foremost, by contributing to the Business Plan Archive you help create a historical resource that allows future generations to learn from past business experience. In addition, you also gain the following benefits:

First, you will be granted preferential access to the business plan collection, so that as the collection grows and we are able to showcase more and more business planning materials, you will be able to actually see what worked and what didnít. You will also be invited to share in the findings that emerge from the resulting research, including proprietary reports from and other researchers.

Second, by contributing your materials to the archive, you help to preserve a record of your own contribution to the history of entrepreneurship. Just as you might safeguard computer backup files to a fireproof storage room, you ensure that these historic documents are safe for future access by you, your grandchildren or future entrepreneurs who at some point want to look up records of the Internet boom

And finally, you will be joining a select network of like-minded people in the entrepreneurial economy who recognize the opportunity to learn from past business experience. Participation in this network is optional, but we expect to offer members of the Business Plan Archive network opportunities to meet and learn from each other.