Questions and Concerns

Usually, yes. You do not necessarily need to own the copyright to an item to submit it to the archive. For instance, if you or your business were the subject of a newspaper article, you may submit a copy of that article as a piece of personal memorabilia. In general, making a copy of an item for criticism, comment, teaching, scholarship or research is expressly covered by the Fair Use provision. In contributing to the archive, you are not doing anything that the copyright law stipulates requires permission of additional rights holders. If you are concerned that you are under some binding legal restraint on your right to submit this material to the archive at this time (for example, a broad Non-Disclosure Agreement which is still in effect and has not been abrogated by the company’s failure to continue to honor your term employment agreement), you should not now submit the document. You should contact us so that we may discuss the matter with you in order to make an appropriate determination of the course of action to be followed now and in the future.

The University of Maryland’s Institutional Review Board for the protection of human subjects has approved the research protocol governing this project. The Principal Investigator (Prof. Kirsch) and all additional project participants are committed to protecting your interests as a contributor to

Above all, you always control the manner in which your documents are handled and the level of access that is made available. You might even change your mind in the future and decide to have your materials de-accessioned, in which case we will honor that request.