Research Corner

Ground Rules for Spring Semester 2005 Courses

As the new semester gets underway, classes at several universities (in addition to those here at Maryland) will be using the Business Plan Archive for research and instruction in entrepreneurship and related fields.

Please read on for description of rules governing use of Archive materials.

To facilitate and coordinate these efforts, I will use the Research Corner of the website to post information about these course-based uses. In view of the educational contexts, enrolled students using the Archive will be allowed greater access to the database. By participating as a student, you are agreeing to respect the following rules:

1. You will use the enhanced access to the Archive only as part of your current educational program.

2. You will not disclose information that you obtain from using the Archive outside the uses for which it is intended. Specifically, you will respect the copyrights of authors and the privacy rights of donors of all objects in the Archive.

3. Any written output of your coursework based upon the contents of the Archive will be contributed back to the Archive for inclusion in the overall project. You retain the rights to your own contribution, and you can decide how your work product is handled in the database.

These are the ground rules. If anyone has any questions about these guidelines, please post them here as "comments" so that all the participants can benefit from the discussion. Good luck with your studies.