What We Can Learn

How will the Business Plan Archive help the present and future business world? Below find several very modest examples of the kinds of observations we can extract from the historic dot com boom and bust (see a summary of the Internet shakeout). We trust that other researchers and entrepreneurs will distill many more useful lessons from the business planning documents we collect.

What we can learn from business planning documents — examples from Webvan Group

Because IPO filings have much in common with business plans, we excerpted these examples from a pre-IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Webvan Group, Inc.  

About the Internet Boom and Bust

For Starters: Top Ten Lessons from the Dot Com Meltdown

by Tim Miller, Webmergers.com

Our primary mission in creating the Business Plan Archive is to enable entrepreneurs of the future to learn from the lessons of the past. In the interest of sparking discussion and ideas, here are ten lessons we take from our observations of the dot com shakeout.

A Statistical Summary of the Dot Com Shakeout

by Tim Miller, Webmergers.com

The Internet shakeout began in March of 2001 after Internet stock valuations began to decline sharply. Dot com failures followed on the heels of the stock market downturn as venture investors, watching their exit opportunities dissolve, abruptly shut their doors on cash-hungry startups.